Hand Kind SCRUB – 1 Gallon


  • Equivalent to 5 1/2 bottles – pump included!
  • A high-performance, non-toxic, four-in-one formula that cleans, exfoliates, moisturizes and revitalizes
  • Removes stubborn stains such as dirt, grease, grime, axle grease, epoxy ink and paint, as well as dangerous toxic heavy metals
  • Eliminates odors including animal smells, gasoline, gear lube, diesel fuel, kerosene, propane, fish odors, food prep (onions/garlic), paints and epoxies
  • Aids in removing stains from clothing
  • Natural humectants moisturize, unlike traditional hand cleaners containing aggressive chemicals which dry out and damage skin
  • Eco-friendly and 99.3% biodegradable – contains natural crushed walnut shell scrubbers, not harmful micro-beads
  • A favorite hand cleaner among veterinarians, horse trainers, farriers, kennel managers, welders, mechanics, fishermen, metal workers, electricians, jewelers, firefighters, plumbers, food service workers and many more
  • A little goes a long way – a small amount works effectively
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Fragrance & dye free. Not tested on animals. Made in the USA
  • Contact us for case quantity pricing or multiple bottle discounts

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