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Frank-Alpha-Skin-SolutionsOne morning I was visiting one of my fillies on the backstretch of Saratoga. I was speaking with our farrier who was complaining about using Thrush Buster on the horses because it stains his hands and takes forever to remove the smell. I happened to have a bottle of Hand Kind SCRUB in my car and offered him some to try.

Coincidentally, my trainer, vet and hot walker were all getting ready to wash up for their lunch break. I gave them each some SCRUB to use and all four men had the same reaction:

“Wow, what is this stuff?
Where can I get some?
I can’t believe it got rid of the stains on my hands!”

It was at that moment I realized I had a product that solved some big problems in the horse world. And, as a result of that one day, I have worked to become the exclusive US distributor for Hand Kind SCRUB within the Equine Industry. SCRUB not only deeply cleans, it has a high amount of moisturizer to help heal and repair dry and cracked skin and – best off all – it removes stubborn odors.

Today, we’ve expanded into many other industries and, through the feedback of our loyal customers, we continue to find new uses for our products!